Classroom Resources

There are a variety of sources that offer lesson plans and templates for your use. In the interest of creating  a page that is not an overwhelming list, We have compiled a few resources that offer a variety of ideas to get your creative juices flowing. You can also visit the DPS templates gallery  to find usable templates submitted for your use by fellow DPS teachers. 

Lesson suggestions: 

This presentation offers 13 ideas for using Google Apps in the classroom, including  collaborative projects, science experiments, student surveys, Reading logs, and PT conference schedules.

This Google resource page allows you to browse hundreds of lesson plans from teachers all over the country. You can choose to search by grade, subject, and Google App used. 

These leveled lesson plans on Using Google Search Effectively are great for librarians and Language Arts teachers. 

5 Ideas for using Google Presentations with Students is a blog article that offers five creative ways to use presentations in the classroom. The site includes two tutorial videos as well. 

Check out the new Google Connected Classroom site, offering virtual field trips around the world. 

Google Templates for self-grading tests: Try some of these templates for your classroom. These are user-created, though, so check the reviews before you commit. A copy will be created in your Google Drive when you click "Use this template".
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