Portal Change Password

Chromebook Password Change Procedures

Helpful Hints: Set aside some time to complete this process. Count on approximately 1 to 1.5 hours to change student passwords (1 STR: 20 students: 10 chromebooks).

You may want to assemble a team at your school to tackle this task!

When you open a Chromebook, click the option to 'Browse as Guest' in the lower left corner.

In the public session (9 minutes of time)

    1. Login as a student through myportal
      1. It is best to have a list of students (with student ids and birthdays) assigned to chromebooks beforehand to expedite the process.
    1. Click on Preferences at the top of the screen
    1. Click change password
      1. This will ask the student to come up with 3 security questions. At the elementary level, one suggestion would be to have common security questions, that the whole school uses, so that teachers, STR, etc at the school level can help with a student’s account.
      2. What should the new password be changed to? This depends on your school’s preferences. However we found that leaving the log in (username) as the student id (123456) and then changing the password to a common format helps with managment as a whole (at the elementary level) ie: password = Dps8digitbirthday: Dps01011901
    1. Exit session

Click Add User from the initial chromebook interface

Login using student’s and their new password

5. Repeat for any additional students assigned to the same chromebook

6. OPTIONAL: Many teachers, especially elementary, find it helpful to create index cards with Google account login information on one side and STAR login information on the other. These cards are kept clipped together or in a small file box or pocket chart for student and teacher use as needed.