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General Account Questions

How is the DPS Google account different from a Gmail account?

Only those Google services that are applicable to an educational setting are provided in our DPS Google domain. Some of the tools available in a public Google account will not be available in the DPS Google domain. Additionally, logging in to the DPS Google account is done through a different login page than is used with a public Google account (Gmail).

Can I email my child at their DPS Google Account email address?


Can my student send email to family members or friends that do not have a DPS Google account?


Can parents receive a DPS Google Account?

Not at this time. You can create a personal Google account by visiting

Can I review my child’s Google documents?

Yes. Your child would need to share the documents with you under the “Share” option, or make those documents viewable to “anyone with a link” within that same “Share” option.

Are there consequences if my child misuses his or her Google Account?

Yes. Your child’s Student Google Account is a privilege and if abused, its use will be revoked.

I am using Google Chat at home. Why can’t my student use it?

Google Chat is currently disabled for students so that we may review the effectiveness and appropriate use of the tool district-wide.

Access Outside School Questions

Will my child be able to use his/her DPS Google Account outside of school?

Yes from a Windows, Mac, or Chromebook computer with a supported browser and access to the Internet.

Will my student be able to access their DPS Google account from a smartphone?

Yes, it will work, but the district will not be providing documentation or support for it at this time.

I do not have internet at home. What resources are available to my student?

Public venues such as libraries and some restaurants offer free wireless internet connections that would allow students this access. Low cost Internet access is also available through Comcast. For more information, please visit

My student is having problems with his/her DPS Google Account after school hours, who can we contact?

Unfortunately, DPS cannot provide after-hours support for students. He or she will need to wait to return to school to report the problems to a teacher. The teacher will then report these issues to the school technology representative who can address the problem.

Security Questions

How do I know my student is safe from getting hacked?

Always log out of your Google account if you are not using your own device. You can protect your login information by signing up for Google's Two-step verification process so that if you forget your password or someone else attempts to use your account with the wrong password, you will receive a text.

I understand my student’s DPS Google Account email is filtered for inappropriate words, pictures, etc. Will the email filtering work when my student is sending/receiving emails if they are accessing emails outside of school?

Yes,’s Human Monitoring System filters all email coming to and leaving from the DPS Google domain to ensure the appropriateness of all text, images, and material.

My student’s DPS Gmail will be filtered and monitored to ensure that offensive material cannot be received. Will this happen in other Google Apps?

Yes. In addition to monitoring email, our filter also works with Google Drive. Teachers are still responsible for monitoring content and we will rely on students to learn good digital citizenship using these tools.

Will my student be seeing advertisements when they access their DPS Google Account?

No, as long as the student is logged into their DPS Google Account they will not see advertisements within the DPS Google domain.

What steps are in place to prevent cyber-bullying?

DPS employs a digital citizenship program that addresses student online safety and cyber bullying via Common Sense Media. Brian Dino ( is the DPS Common Sense Media representative and is available to talk to parents, teachers, and students about what the program entails and how to keep our kids safe.

Is there a risk that the email my student receives at home on their DPS Gmail account could contain a virus that could infect our home computer?

There is always a risk that viruses and other malware can infect your home computer. However, this requires that your student click on a malicious link. Students should be learning safe computing practices to avoid doing such things.

Additional Questions

I have other questions, whom do I contact?

Your student’s teacher should be able to answer most of your questions and those they are unable to answer will be directed to a resource who can.

What if my child already has a personal Gmail account. Can they use this account instead of the DPS Gmail account?

No. Students can share their personal documents with their DPS Gmail account, but they will need to use their DPS Gmail accounts to take full advantage of our DPS Apps for Education.