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As you get started using your DPS Google account, we understand that there will be questions. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions and their answers. If you do not find the answer you are looking for below, contact Educational Technology (edtech@dpsk12.org) and we will do our best to help. How Do I Access My Account?

  • Go to http://googlemail.dpsk12.net and log in with your DPS username and password.
  • These links are also available on the DPS homepage and the Teacher Portal.
  • Your username and password are the same ones you use to login to your DPS Outlook email.
  • Note that the Google domain uses “.net” at the end, rather than “.org”.

How Do I Transfer My Personal Google Files to My DPS Google Drive?

Contact Support



Assign ownership in sharing settings

While there is no requirement to transfer your personal documents, those who have created teaching materials may want to do so. From your personal drive, you can share documents with your DPS account. In the sharing settings, transfer ownership to your DPS account. If you have large amounts of documents to transfer, you might want to use the Google migration tools. Click here to visit the DPS Google training page where you can learn how to "migrate" your documents from your personal Google account to your DPS Google account.

How do I make sure students aren't logging in to each other's accounts? For that matter, How do I keep mine safe?

Always log out of your Google account when you are through using the device. If you are using an iPad or other iOS device, this includes signing out of each app used as well as any browser windows. Quitting the browser does not sign you out of your Google account. On a Chromebook, hold down the power button until the device shuts down. This signs you out of your account.

Where Do I Go To Get Training?

The Educational Technology and Library Services Department will come to your school and deliver on-site training to the staff. Individuals who need training on using their accounts should first review resources available on the DPS Google Training site.

Do I Have To Use Google?

No. Neither DoTS, nor Educational Technology and Library Services, nor any other central department is mandating the use of Google Apps. Rather, we are responding to requests from schools to provide tools for teachers, students, and staff who would like to use them. This is meant to make lives easier, not harder. If you are going to use Google, please use your DPS Google account.

Does This Replace Outlook?

No. Staff need to know that Gmail is not replacing Microsoft Outlook for district email or calendaring. Outlook remains the official email for communication in the District. Staff will have Gmail accounts for communication with students, as well as other functionality that comes with Google accounts.

Can I download and use the desktop Google Drive program on my personal computer?

Please note that we do not support the "Google Drive", "Drive File Stream", or "Google Backup and Sync" desktop programs for multiple reasons. The support material found on this site reflects support of the "online" Google Drive only.

Why can't I see the videos on the support site or the training site?

Check to see which Google account you are logged into. Some of the videos and slideshows are flagged so only people in the DPS domain can view them. Check to see which account you are using. If it is your personal account, switch accounts to your DPS Google account and refresh the page.

Why can't I upload files or see changes to my shared calendar?

Odd problems can result when you are signed in to more than one Google account at a time. Please make sure to sign out from each account, and only sign in to your DPS Google account.

Someone deleted files from a folder I shared with others! What can I do?

When one of the collaborators erases a document, Google Drive thinks that the document doesn’t belong to the folder so it moves the document out of the folder without asking the owner!

If you have such a situation don’t panic. Remember that the document is not deleted - just moved out of the folder. You use the search box at the top of your drive to locate the document. From there you can find your document and move it to any folder. You are still the owner of the document. In some cases, you may need to work with DoTS to recover deleted documents.

How do I create Google Sites for my students?

There are two ways to create Google Sites for your students. You can create individual sites for each student. This presentation, found on the Google Training web site, will help you with that.

The second option is to create a classroom site and set up page-level permissions for students. This presentation on the Google Training website will help you with that option.

Students can also create Google Sites for themselves, but there is currently no monitoring available for student Google Sites.

How do I access my DPS Gmail on my mobile device?

To access your DPS Gmail on your smartphone or other mobile device, there are some tips you’ll need to know. Follow the instructions on THIS page.

Can I connect my DPS Gmail and Outlook?

To connect your Gmail account and your Outlook account work together, follow the instructions on THIS page.

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