Google Classroom

Google Classroom is a platform within GSuite that provides teachers a simple way to create, collect, grade, and return assignments paperlessly. Teachers and students can access Docs, Sheets, Slides, and other GSuite tools directly from Classroom.

Google Classroom is a good solution for streamlining the workflow for teachers and students who want to leverage Google Docs in instruction. However, Google Classroom does not integrate with Infinite Campus for rostering or grade passback.

If you want a more robust learning management system that connects to Infinite Campus for automatic class rostering, embedded curriculum content, and the ability to pass back grades into IC, we recommend you use the DPS Schoology LMS. More information on DPS Schoology can be found HERE.

If you are a teacher and want to pursue using Google Classroom, go to and use your DPS Google account. When you access Classroom for the first time scroll down the welcome page a bit and click the button that designates that you are a teacher. If you do not have this option and you are unable to create a new classroom, please contact the DoTS Hotline ( or call x33888) and let them know that your Google account should be updated to a teacher account.


Google provides a comprehensive series of tutorial videos that feature Google Classroom:

Google Classroom Tutorials YouTube Channel


Getting Started with Classroom - guides and videos:

Student Quick Start Guide for using Google Classroom

Resources from a Google Classroom expert: Alice Keeler -